ntelligent advising…

Over one third of Kimberly's clients are financial managers, CFO's and investment advisors. They recognize the power of trends awareness, keen industry knowledge and practiced instinct in making sound choices.

For over two decades, Kimberly has advised over a thousand clients, women and men nationally, in making investments in themselves…

"An absolute diva, an amazing trends maven… right out of Malcolm Gladwell's 'Tipping Point', Kimberly's work is awesome. I can count on her commitment and finesse to provide stellar advice. Her attention to detail means nothing is overlooked and gives me a great advantage."

Ms. S. G.
Entrepreneur, Asset Management Executive
San Francisco, CA

"I love Kimberly's fresh and imaginative take on things. Her incredible knowledge and strategy in her field rivals any I know in the world of finance, making her an invaluable advisor. Her unique talent for combining style and wellness is a delight."

Ms. Alison Davis
Managing Director
Belvedere Capital Partners
San Francisco, CA

"Given the demands of my busy career and family life, it's not easy to carve out time to get away, but the wonderful, versatile results are worth it. Time with Kimberly translates into both wise investments and fun adventures!"

Ms. Dede Barsotti
Chief Administrative Partner
Crosspoint Venture Capital
Woodside, CA

Genuine care…

Kimberly's practical advice, humor and genuine care for her clients' lives and priorities is the hallmark of her approach. She supports clients through their personal and professional changes, challenges and milestones, and many of her client relationships are over a decade long.

And making it fun!

We all can benefit from the respite of humor. With the stress and challenges already in life - who needs more? We all need refreshing getaways, for an hour, an afternoon, a day. Kimberly's goal is to lighten things up, make your life easier, bring a breath of fresh air into your life - and much more enjoyment - and make the whole adventure fun!