bout Kimberly Call

Kimberly Call, founder of Kimberly Call Design & Consulting has, since 1986, been one of the San Francisco Bay Area's leading image consultants and personal transformation coaches.

Her pioneering approach integrates sophisticated design, image and marketing expertise with progressive human potential and wellness philosophies. She draws upon a lifelong background in the arts and decades of advanced studies in psychology and communication.

Kimberly's knowledge of the complex world of design and style enables her to bring keen perception and savvy awareness to successfully positioning her clients. Her professional associates and referrals are among the most highly qualified in the country, and she is recognized for the high standards of excellence set and shared with her associates. Kimberly offers a complete range of services distinguished as the most specialized, comprehensive and progressive in her field.

In essence, she assists clients in the ongoing process of evolving, of reinventing themselves to realize new potentials in their lives, personally and professionally; to keep pace with the times and trends that matter to them.

Kimberly has personally consulted with over a thousand clients nationally, from top Fortune 500 companies' management to industry-leading CEO's and entrepreneurs. She has led dozens of dynamic, interactive workshops and seminars, both public and in-house, for hundreds of participants.

Her corporate executives work with such companies as Apple, IBM, Xerox, American Express, McKesson, Hewlett-Packard, Silicon Graphics, Intuit, 3Com. Her entrepreneurial clients are award-winning innovators in their fields, from internet founders to architects, artists and designers; and leaders in hi-tech, management, finance, consulting, marketing and multimedia.

Although they reflect diverse personalities and professions, Kimberly's clientele all share a commitment to distinction in their lives, and all report striking a new level of personal vibrancy and accomplishment through their work with her.

Kimberly is an ardent outdoorswoman, lifelong artist, environmentalist and activist, and especially welcomes the opportunity to contribute to individuals and businesses that share her visionary and philanthropic goals.